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Water is our body’s most important element.Our body is 70-80% water. 78% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. The thirst mechanism is mistaken for hunger pangs in 37% of Americans. Mild dehydration will slow down metabolism as much as 3%. Lack of water is the leading cause of fatigue. A 2% reduction of water in the body can cause short-term memory loss and difficulty with math.


  • Super purifies tap water, restructures (ionizes) that water, enriches with the most hydrogen, adding frequencies and intrinsic energy formulas. Unique & best in industry.
  • 9-stage filter removes chlorine, metals, chloramines, algae, fungus, viruses, bacteria, & pesticides. Tourmaline gem inserts far infrared energy into the water to aid the detox.
  • 5 platinum-coated mesh & 2 solid platinum coated electrodes increase efficiency of ionization even with low mineral content, & increasing oxidation reduction potential.
  • Hydrogen enriched alkaline water rids the body of free radicals by converting them into water molecules in the body (H2 & O).
  • Anti-scaling no calcium build-up, free of maintenance except filter/1,000 gallons.
  • Portable 14 pound machine with optional digital faucet for under-sink installation.
  • No money down, as low as $25/month. Affordable price includes installation & the forever warranty that includes parts, labor, & shipping both directions.

Many people ask, “What is Ionized or Alkaline Water? Why have I never heard of it?” People are surprised to learn that water ionization has been around since the 1950′s. Millions of homes around the world enjoy the benefits of ionized water. Many people say that I have heard the stories and all the possible benefits, but how does it work and how can it help me? The majority of people who sell devices that make alkaline or ionized water really don’t understand how it works. It is really simple to understand how an ionizer works and what it does because it is simply chemistry.

A water ionizer uses electrolysis, which produces molecular hydrogen (H2) at the cathode in the electrolysis chamber. Molecular Hydrogen also knows as diatomic hydrogen or just Hgas is a neutral molecule. Molecular Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant because it converts the toxic “OH*” radicals into water molecules in the cells.

Ionized water is also an excellent cleaning and sterilizing solution. Ionized water hydrates you on a cellular level and helps rid the body of free radicals as long as it has sufficient amounts of H2.

The critical points that must be understood are…

  1. The therapeutic benefits, in what is called alkaline water, is not from increased pH. Even though good meaning sales people talk about the pH being the cause of the benefits…it simply is not true. The therapeutic benefit of Ionized or Alkaline Water comes from molecular hydrogen. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 350 studies to have positive effects on 150 different human diseases. There are few studies on alkaline water, which suggest it may offer some slight medical benefits. The main benefit of drinking water with a higher pH is faster gastric absorption. The stomach will release the higher pH water into the small intestine more quickly because gastric emptying is partly a function of pH.
  2. After the water containing molecular hydrogen is absorbed through the small intestines, the H2 enters the cells of the body and combines hydroxyl free radicals creating a water molecule in the cells (2OH* + H2 –> 2H2O).  This is very powerful from a perspective of cellular hydration, detoxification, and increased energy.

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