Meet Our Staff

Richard Kelly is known and recognized as the founder of MediWraps.  He has been on television, radio, and featured in many national and international magazines.  Over the years he has helped hundreds of  businesses here in America and in over twenty-one countries as well.   His products are all natural and have been distributed though out the world.   He has been very  involved in the health and nutrition industry most of his adult life.  He owned and operated an international health and nutritional company based in Texas.  He is currently the Founder and President of MediWraps.


Director of ResearchNick Kohler, M.S., R.Ph. 


Mr. Nick Kohler, MS,  R.Ph,
graduated from  St. Louis College of Pharmacy, University of Iowa, obtained a Master of Science degree in Pharmacy.  He is a highly acclaimed
Nutritionist and Herbalist.  Mr. Kohler’s accomplishments include consulting for the
USA Women’s Olympic Volleyball
team and professional athletes including the
Texas Rangers
baseball team.  One of his more acclaimed accomplishments was the research and development of the diuretic drug,
Lasix.  This drug is perhaps the most well-known diuretic in the world today. This formulation of Lasix directed his attention to the important role of minerals in animal and human biochemistry absorption and utilization in the human body.  He has developed formulas that have been used by many medical doctors, dentist, podiatrists, osteopaths and chiropractors since 1976, with excellent results.  According to Mr. Kohler our immune system is the most important mechanism in fighting disease and preserving health.   It is a well -known fact that as we age the body’s ability to fight disease decreases.  Food and nutritional supplements play a significant role in strengthening our immune system.  Through his research, he developed this all natural mineral solution which enters the body thru the epidermis and aids in the elimination of toxins.  He discovered that the only way to effectively administer this solution was through a medical wrap.

Luke Todd
Co-Founder/ CFO


Luke Todd– CoFounder/CFO, Fifth generation Floridian from Lake Wales, with a backround in Automotive and Retail Sales.  Factory Rep for the RV Industry & Manufactured Housing. Treasurer, Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services (CHIPS) a United Way Agency of Citrus County.  Past Chairman Board of Trustees of the Crystal River United Methodist Church. Rotaran and Past President of the Local Club.  Met Richard Kelly in 1998 worked together since.



Victoria Windham, LMT, CWT
International Trainer


Victoria Windham– International Trainer Born in Laurel, MS, moved to Ocala Florida at 8 years old.  She has an Assoicate of Arts in Massage Therapy.   Victoria loves the challenge of business and life, she works toward her goals with an attitude that is unmatched anywhere.  Also, teaches Qigong.





Jim Behuniak


Jim Behuniak– Senior Account Executive, Dean of Students for GNWAcademy, 30 Years CEO of, Inc. Interactive Business Development.  Online since 1999, Jim brings a long list of 21st Century Marketing Methods to MediWraps making our online efforts very successful.  Currently President of the Rotary Club of Homosassa Springs, Florida
352-257-0896 Cell



Felicia Blair, LMT, CWT
National Trainer


Felicia Blair–  National Trainer/ Director of Health and Beauty Division, 19 Years of experience, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Estetician, Holds 29 Advanced Certificates in Healing arts and beauty therapy field.  Former Educator and Trainer for a Major Skin Care Company.



Arlene Cowin
Executive Regional Director


Arlene Cowin– Executive Regional Director
Arlene,  retired from American Airlines after twenty six years.  Back in 1996, she started her own weight loss and fitness business and never looked back.  Fitness and health have been  a strong passion all of  her life. She entered the fitness business eighteen years ago in an effort to help others be the best they can be.  The rewards have been many, and now she joins our staff at Mediwraps and looks forward to new challenges and hopes to continue helping people achieve there best self possible.


Brenda L. Richards, LMT, CWT


Brenda L. Richards – Licensed Esthetician/Body Wrap Technician for 8 years.  A Graduate of Powell Beauty Academy in Gainesville….But that is only where my education began…I believe that your background develops the talent that you are.  My commitment to continuing my education is derived directly from my passion for the industry and the lives that i can make a positive difference in everyday.  As a licensed esthetician i have completed certification as a medical esthetician, Microdermabrasion, certified in Laser IPL,  Licensed in MediWraps for the professional, Licensed Educator and Instructor, Certified Extensive Chemical Peels for the professional and Bridal and Special Events makeup artist…I have also worked as an educator for several Lines in the health and beauty industry and taught skin care and body wraps at TLC Aethetics School.


Anne Marie Balke
South Americas Director

Anne Marie Balke- International Tourism & Trade executive with over 25 years of progressive career experience interfacing with private sector and the government with travels to more than 50 countries.  Strong qualifications for leadership,and team building. Decisive hands on management style and strong commitment to continued development and success.

Anne Marie started her hospitality career in project management in Mexico for grand tourism hotels and spas in the late 1980’s.   She was a founding member of the Mexican SPA Association and continued to develop new properties and concepts before returning to the USA in 1997.

The past fifteen years she has been an independent multi-lingual contractor for commercial import and export to the Americas as well as an instructor for the US Embassies around the world.  She is an active philanthropist in Central America providing proactively programs to keep the children safe and educated during very difficult times.  She is also a life time member of Who’s Who.


Randi Witt


Randi K. Witt –  Randi originates from the greater Chichgoland area, but later settled in the southeastern United States.  What Randi brings to the table at MediWraps is many years of sales and marketing experience, 20 years of life, health and travel insurance.  As a person, who has always had a desire to help others, her position with MediWraps ultimately benefits our client and fulfills the need in the health and wellness industry.